Saturday, 31 August 2013

2013, 9th Asian Schools Chess Championship - Colombo, SRI LANKA...BEGINS TODAY!

The 9th Asian Schools Chess Championship 2013 starts today.
Opening ceremony, followed by 7 rounds of Rapid Competition.


( View from the 9th ASCC 2013 Venue Hotel )

( CP up to his old tricks...AGAIN!
Guess what he & his 'new' partner in crime is trying to do?
The "good" news is that he ONLY got scolded by the hotel staff on the 2nd day for trying to move/remove a statue which was like a display centre piece. Normally, he 'makes' an impression on the first day! )

After missing out on the 2013 ASEAN Age Group event in Chiangmai,THAILAND due to no fault of their own (Read HERE ), hAnA and the cHEss pIRATE is OFFICIALLY in their FIRST INTERNATIONAL assignment...and of all days, they'll be playing 7 Rounds of Rapid on Malaya/Malaysia's 56th Independence Day.

( Notice how low the Malaysian flag is positioned on the backdrop? )

( Donning the Harimau Jersey-CP & Harimau Track Suit-hAnA for the 9th Asian Schools Chess Championship Opening Ceremony. 7 Rounds of Rapid today)

( Players' List - RAPID )

U-11 Girls, Players'  List  31 Players. Initial List, 2x pax.
U-07 Open, Players' List  41 Players. Initial List, 3x pax.

01/09: UPDATE 4

9th ASIAN SCHOOLS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 Colombo, Sri Lanka, FINAL UPDATE: Official Results After 7 Rounds in Rapid Event:-
Both won 4 Games but after Tie-Break(BH1);
hAnA, placed 11th out of 30 players. (4pts, 10th-12thplacing)

U-11 Girls RESULTS

Faiz, finished 17th out of 41 players. (4pts, 12th-18thpositions)


3 hour CLASSICAL Event,Begins TODAY

Just her luck, she's playing the top seed in the opening round.
R1: B1 - B v. Khamroeva Dilbar (UZBEKISTAN, FIDE: 1684). lost.

Next Round, 12.30PM

R2: B - W v. xxx (SRI LANKA)


R1: B6 - W v. xxx (SRI LANKA, UNRATED). WON

R2: B5 - B v. Oi Zhi Pin. lost

R3: B

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Battle Chess SelangorKU II, STRESS & SAUNA!!!

Event INFO

Official RESULTS

 Blog Reports HERE & HERE2

Arrived home around 9PM, kids were just too hungry too wait for the drive back home for dinner.
So we had something fast for dinner i.e. Hot&Roll and Cool Blog near a place I'd stayed in the 80s.

2nd Round to be played with each player given 10minutes....Rapid Blitz?

Normally, competitions organised by SM would be well-organised - low entrance fees, numerous prizes, appropriate venue etc etc.....the only complaint or guestimate would be - how late will the event start as compared to the advertised time (the average seemed to be 90minutes LATE!). Amongst the event I'd attended with the kids were the 2012 & 2013 MBPJ Open, Catur Beliawanis 2013 & the Piala Tun S.Zahiruddin (UM Open). ALL the events were well-run and the kids would normally bring home a prize or 2!

However, everything that can go wrong WENT WORNG TODAY!
9AM was the start time advertised for today's event ( Refer INFO ).
However, in TODAY's Battle Chess - organisers of battle chess blundered big time or 3BT.
By 11 AM, the First Round for the U-12 have not even begun!
3.30 PM, Round 2 start time is still anybody's guess!

Some Suggestions for the Organisers:-
(1) U-7 & U-8 Event could have started with the players sitting on the floor. No need to wait a couple of hours for the tables to arrive.
(2) Announcements c/w NOTICES, SHOULD have been posted. Estimated start times for the respective groups SHOULD have been given!
(3) Bring a "hailer" and repeat the announcements. Many players & parents missed the "inaudible" announcements because they were waiting near the staircase.....unable or unwilling to participate in the FOC public sauna! A father who kept asking for updates still had his kid "missed" a game as information was not communicated clearly and transparently by the organisers

(4) Venue with Ventilation would be much, much welcomed and appreciated. (Read HERE
(5) Don't take on more players than you can handle. Though arbiter's decision is final, having certain age groups playing with some boards having clocks and some w/o is a BIG turnoff!
(6) .......XXXXXXX.......

If not for the much needed competition needed by the kids as prep.for 9th Asian Schools we would have been gone by noon as per ZJ who replied to my SMS asking where he was by saying - " Dah sampai rumah la bro. Bawa anak2 aku tgk smurf2 lagi sejuk."

I sincerely hope that SM learns from this "incident" and ensure a repeat DOES NOT occur. Am Confident SM & CCE will rebound from this stronger than ever. "ALL the BEST - SM & CCE for the next event that you'll be organising."

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


2013 9th ASCC Event INFO
Malaysian REPORT
( View from Hotel )

Venue: Galle District, Colombo -  SRI LANKA
31st AUGUST 2013      - RAPID Event
5th SEPTEMBER         - BLITZ

UPDATE 4 @29/08-Colombo, SRI LANKA

( 1st Lunch in SRI LANKA )

Kids left for Colombo.


UPDATE 1 @27/08
The Players' List is Out:-
(1) U-07 Open (35pax) /Final 40pax   @The cHEss pIRATE's Group - U-7 Players
(2) U-11 Girls  (25pax) /Final 30pax   @hAnA's Group                       - U-11 Players

Friday, 16 August 2013

5th & 4th FIDE-rated Classical Event COMPLETED, respectively!

UPDATE 17/8:

I could have sworn that less than 10 people reads this blog which I'd started to remind myself of things/incidences which transpired during the kids chess events (Pre & Post) + to get rid of boredom whilst the kids are playing...for health reasons & to stop my blood from boiling, I stopped watching the cHEss pIRATE play quite some time back & would normally just watch hAnA play. 

(Digressing Slightly: latest fiasco was during the 8th AM Bank CC - whilst fooling around w OZP and stacking their pieces to compare who has the highest stack, the CP accidentally touched a chess piece & the opponent claimed "touch move". Moving the 'touched' piece essentially means losing his game. Good thing is I did not watch the move & was only briefed by the CP as to what had happened - Otherwise, I'm sure with 'boiling' blood I would have just walked to his board, ignore the arbiter(s) and smacked the CP there and then! )

Back to counting viewers/readers....there's family on my side(3), on the Islamic Estate Planner-IEP side(1), a friend in Jakarta and JB respectively, perhaps Z & H....which totals 8pax. Hence, I could safely assume that I can add the 9th pax today when I received from LTP the following sms:-

SMS 1:
"...En.Amirul, I believe u have some misconceptions on how to get the first Fide elorating and its calculation method.
1. A person elo rating can be counted only if a person had played at least 3 Fide rated players in one event. 
(NOT accumulate game by game).

2. Based on (1), the rating can be added up from qualified event to get avrg rating. 
(SO, meet either 1 or 2 Fide rated player/event regardless of result, the rating will NOT be tabulated in calculation)

3. Minimum must have 9 games 
e.g. 3 games x 3 events.

Btw, getting a Fide rating is based on points deviation from actual points scored against median score points of total games, then only apply formula.
e.g. say, total rating from 10 games (3events) are 17,000.  So, avrg is 1,700.
      IF, u scored 5pts, then your elo 1700.
      IF, scored 2pts - means 3pts below median, then is -3*Z
     ( where Z is not a fix figure, refer to FIDE website for chart ) with an elo rating around 1200.
     IF, a person score 2pts from 14games with same avrg. 1700, then he fails to  meet the min.   
          rating ceiling because ( 1700 - 5* Z ) < 1000.

 For your info,every 1 pt above median just add 30 rating points aka "K factor" 
 ( A difft. formula again)

Once you get the first elo rating, the formula apply is different again.
How it works? The same formula to count NR fluctuation is applied now.

Hope you have a better now.

Out of curiousity, the explanation you put up in your article is based on feedback from other parents or your own research...."

SMS 2:
" Btw, there is still other regulation like the number of rated games count of a person can be started counting from the first event that score at least a pt from MIN. 3 rated games.
Thereafter, any pt score from min 3 games will be added into calculation despite scoring 0pt from 3 games. "

SMS 3:
DISCLAIMER - "...However, do take note that what I explained  is still NOT representing 100% of the whole calculation mechanism which is to technical to go into, but the info is sufficient for a public knowledge "

(ALL 3 SMS sent by LTP on 17 Aug.2013, reproduced with LTP's permission)

In my defense to LTP's question in the SMS 1, I informed him that I got the numbers by going to FIDE's website and started to key-in some numbers. Refer HERE.

The strange thing however is when I double check today, the "system" deducts "800" instead of "700" previously.....emmmm, wonder why!?


hAnA completed her 5th FIDE-rated classical competition with the conclusion of the 8th AM Bank Chess Challenge at Cititel-KL.

(1) 2.5pts. 2012, Nf6 Challenger.            Note: 1 free point due to opponent's NO SHOW
(2) 3.0pts. 2012, 4th Penang Heritage City International C.C. - Challenger
(3) 3.0pts. 2012, 5th National Juniors Chess Championship (NJCC)
(4) 2.0pts. 2013, DCC Golden Special.   Note: 1pt fm BYE. RESULTS
(5) 2.5pts  2013, 8th AM Bank Chess Challenge                   RESULTS

Her points total seemed to be in the range of 2-3points per event.

STATISTICS (45 Rounds):-
29 losses
1 FORFEIT - No Show

After playing 2 games against FIDE-rated players from Bangladesh, hAnA's FIDE average should rise to AT LEAST 997(997.35714) from 969 i.e. 1902(Round 4) + 1832(Round 1) + 20,029 / 14pax +(-700). To get her FIDE-rating, hAnA needs to get a result (either win or draw) in her next game against a FIDE-rated or, in the event of a loss the opponent should be rated at least 1738.

With today's event conclusion, the cHEss pIRATE completed his 4th FIDE-rated classical event.
(1) 2.0pts  2012, 4th Penang Heritage City International CC - Challenger
(2) 1.0pt   2012, 5th NJCC
(3) 2.5pts  2013, DCC Golden Special.      Note 1pt fm Bye. RESULTS
(4) 2.5pts  2013, 8th AM Bank Chess Challenge.                   RESULTS         

STATISTICS (36 Rounds):-
27 losses

Having had the opportunity to play against ONLY 1 FIDE-rated player from Malaysia, CP needs to play against 2 more FIDE-rated players whilst maintaining his average above 1000 to get a FIDE rating.  A favourable result in the next game would ensure his FIDE rating....and allows me to pay less entrance fees for FIDE-rated events.

His present average is 1083 i.e. 1768(Round 1) + 12,492 / 8pax +(- 700).

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

17, cHEss pIRATE WINNING Streak in Rapid Event ends Today at 17 Games.

Details of the Streak:-
29 JUNE, 2 Games: Rounds 5 - 6 @ 3rd MBPJ Open, U-12

30 JUNE, 6 Games: Rounds 1 - 6 @ 2nd THE SUMMIT JUNIORS Open, U-7

20 JULY, 6 Games: Rounds 1 - 6 @ 1st SStwo MALL, U-12

13 AUG., 3 Games: Rounds 1 - 3 @ 4th SWENSEN's RAPID AGE GROUP, U-8

( Emm....what is he doing now!? Picture courtesy of Chess Malaysia fb)

The cHEss pIRATE's winning streak in rapid events came to a grinding halt today during Round 4 of the 4th SWENSEN's AGE GROUP held at Cititel, Midvalley KL...streak ended at 17 winning games!

...and I think I'm partly to blame when I asked him to start noting his games. Both games which I'd asked him to note...he struggled and lost. I should have either ask him to start notations from Round 1 or ask him to forget about taking notes completely, NOT introduce something different halfway into the event! Well, LESSON Learnt!

In footballing terms there's Brazil and there's Germany.
Brazil is known for its flair and passion whilst Germany is better known for boring but methodical approach which grinds out results after 90minutes.
From my observation today, CP plays Rapid like the Blitz... without any inhibition and will move instinctively....more like Brazil.
Ask him to write his moves and he'll not be able to play like Germany with its system and calculation. He'll most likely struggle like the Malaysian team.

( 17 Game Win Streak, Began Here at MBPJ Open )

The One That Got Away!!? - 4th SWENSEN's Girls U-12

( IA KK Chan, Presented the Girls U-12 Bronze Medal to hAnA.Picture: Courtesy of Chess Malaysia fb )

( hAnA WON v. Ng Jin Jin fm Penang, in an earlier Round. Picture: Courtesy of Chess Malaysia fb )

IF not for a FATAL mistake committed by hAnA during her last game, she could have emerged Champion of the Girls U-12 event on Tie-Break and in the process added a 2nd title to her name after her 1st title i.e. Catur Beliawanis which she won in Shah Alam earlier this year (Read HERE)

Unfortunately, it was not to be!

Her brother did the same mistake against Mukhriez in the Selangor Juniors.

I hope both of them learned from this 'lapse of judgement' and won't EVER repeat this mistake in their playing career!

At the same time, in allowing hAnA to NOT record her game when she had done so in the earlier rounds - IT MIGHT have contributed to her committing the error as in recording her game, she might had just taken an additional moment to reflect and she might have been able to see the error of her way!

Note: Compare hAnA's NOT recording her move to the CP being asked to record his moves mid-way into the competition. ( Read the next blog posting! HERE ).

Monday, 12 August 2013


Went to the AMBANK Challenge to send the kids. Had a look at the veteran's section and was wondering where Mun Fye was when I didn't see him playing in the Veteran's event. Then, later on I came across a tribute to Chan Mun Fye, HERE

I do not know him personally and I'd only first met Mun Fye in the DCC Golden Special early this year. hAnA and the cHEss pIRATE was playing in their 1st FIDE-rated event for 2013. (DCC Golden Special 2013, RESULTS ). Both hAnA and the cHEss pIRATE played against Mun Fye.

As per Mourinho, I seldom play competitive chess but I did had the privilege of playing against him
(DCC Opening Day Blitz, RESULTS ). That was the first and last competitive game that I played against him. The irony was that I lost to him twice in that game...the first was when I made an illegal which he said - "....just play on and we'll report the final result later...and of course the second lost was when he'd actually check-mated me.

My lasting impression of Mun Fye is - "...a gentle and kind-hearted person who would like to finish his game and have the patience to teach the younger players (whatever their race were) so that they'll improve their games and in doing so epitomise the notion of a Gentleman Chess Player ".

Friday, 9 August 2013

8th AM Bank Chess Challenge 2013, (FIDE-rated)

Event INFO

Blog Reports: HERE, HERE2, HERE3

Round 3; HERE
Round 2;
Round 1; RESULTS

Pairings, By Rounds:-

Round 9:

Round 8:
Note: Pairing released very late!
hAnA: v. Barve Atharva Abhijit ( 84th Seed). UnRated
Bd. . draw.

CP: v.

Round 7:
hAnA: v. Ravindran K'thik Ramanan (USA, 97th Seed).
Bd.49 - W. WON

CP: v. Yusoff Rayan Aidan. (MAS, 103rd Seed). UnRated.
Bd.44 - W. lost after being offered a draw initially.

Round 6 (Wednesday, 14/8 - 3PM):
hAnA: v. Mahmood Shah Meer Iskandar Shah (MAS, 82nd Seed). NR:1109
Bd.45 - B. lost in 30moves in around 45mins.

Note: CP met hAnA's opponent in an earlier round.

CP: v. Ganesh Hana (IND, 88th Seed). UnRated
Bd.46 - B. WON, c'mate in 49moves with 2nd Queen. 1:30 time remaining.

Round 5 (Monday, 11/8 - 3PM):
hAnA: v. Yeow Hui Shi Elizabeth Maria (SIN, 100th Seed). UnRated
Bd. . Lost, checkmate after xx moves.

Note 1: hAnA played against Elizabeth during the 2012 4th Penang Heritage City event.

Note 2: Elizabeth should have been rated. In last year's 4th PHCICC, she was rated as per Singapore's NR of 1371. (Read HERE).

CP: v. Jarell Cheong. (MAS, 77th Seed). NR:1209
Bd.50 - W. WON, Checkmate in xx moves after around 45mins. Finally, after 2 losses against lower-rated players...a long overdue win even though against a lower rated player. More importantly and hopefully, it'll be a good morale booster for tomorrow's 4th Swensen's Age Group U-8 where he's seeded 4th and carrying a 14-games winning streak in Rapid competitions. ( Read HERE & HERE2 )

Round 4 (Monday, 11/8 - 9AM):
hAnA: v. Hanif Mollah. (BAN, 9th Seed). FIDE:1902
Bd.30 - W. lost after 61 moves after around 90minutes.

Note 1: After this game, hAnA's FIDE average should rise to AT LEAST 997 from 982 i.e. 1902 + 1832 + 20,029 / 14pax +(-700).
Note 2: 3rd Non-Malaysian player hAnA is playing after a Bangladeshi and an American in the 1st & 2nd round respectively.

CP: v. Brian Ooi Ming Fen. (MAS,79th Seed). NR:1162
Bd.48 - B. lost

AFTER 3 ROUNDS>>> hAnA: L, D, D @ 1/3pts. CP: L, L, L @0/3pts.

Round 3:
hAnA: v. Yusoff Rayan Aidan. (MAS, 103rd Seed). UnRated.
Bd.40 - W. Draw, initial draw offer by hAnA refused. A few moves later, opponent offered the draw. 2 pawns up but unable to link the separated pawns due to black rook's intervention.

CP: v. Mahmood Shah Meer Iskandar Shah (MAS, 82nd Seed). NR:1109
Bd.45 - W. Lost in 12 moves after playing less than 30minutes. Failed to see the bishop supporting the Queen.

Round 2:
hAnA: v. Raghupatruni (USA, 95th Seed). UnRated
Bd.46 - B. Draw, claimed by hAnA under 3x repetitive move after 71moves in around 1 hour 45mins.
hAnA could have won this game if she'd given it more thought.

CP: v. Yeow Hui Shi Elizabeth Maria (SIN, 100th Seed). UnRated
Bd.50 - B. Lost, checkmate after 31moves in just under 1 hour

Note 1: hAnA played against Elizabeth during the 2012 4th Penang Heritage City event.

Note 2: Elizabeth should have been rated. In last year's 4th PHCICC, she was rated as per Singapore's NR of 1371. (Read HERE)

Round 1
hAnA: v. Mohammad Hasan (BAN, 12th Seed). FIDE Rating:1832.
Bd.15: White. Lost in 68moves. Early pawn sacrifice to exchange Queen resulted in initial positional and tactical advantage and caused opponent to spend time thinking/analysing. Played more than 2hours.

(In this game hAnA got her opponent from Bangladesh to use his time. Less than 15minutes left.
 Picture: Courtesy of Chess Malaysia fb )

(  Who would have thought things got very much complicated after this!?
Picture: Courtesy of Chess Malaysia fb )

( Picture: Courtesy of Chess Malaysia fb )

Note: After this game, hAnA's FIDE average have risen to 982 from 969 i.e. 1832 + 20,029 / 13pax +(-700).

CP: v. Darrel Yap Egin(MAS, 16th Seed). FIDE Rating:1768.
Bd.19: White. Lost in 30moves despite initially being a rook and a pawn up(based on CP analysis). Played for more than 1 hour.

( CP...always looking elsewhere but not on his board.
Picture: Courtesy of Chess Malaysia fb )

Note 1: After this game, CP needs to play against 2 more FIDE-rated players whilst maintaining his average above 1000.
Note 2: Present average is 1083 I.e. 1768 + 12,492 / 8pax +(- 700).


The starting list and pairings for Round 1 have been released. hAnA and the cHEss pIRATE are seeded 67th and 71st respectively from 106 players.
A WIN or Draw in the first round, will be a good result.

For the record this will be hAnA's and the cHEss pIRATE's 5th and 4th FIDE-rated Classical Games' event respectively after 2012 Nf6 Challenger(hAnA Only), 4th Penang Heritage City-Challenger, 5th National Juniors and the 2013 DCC Golden Special. Hopefully, both will get their FIDE-rating after the completion of the event. hAnA' needs to play against higher FIDE-rated players (1700 and above) and/or secure a result(Win or Draw) against other FIDE-rated players as she's met the minimum requirements of playing against a minimum of 10 FIDE-rated players. Her present average after playing against 12 FIDE-rated players over 4 tournaments is 969 I.e. 20,029 / 12pax.

On the other hand, The cHEss pIRATE needs to play against at least 3 more FIDE-rated players to fulfill one of 2 criterias to get a FIDE-rating. After the first round encounter against 1700 FIDE-rated Darrel, hopefully he'll get the opportunity to play against 2 other rated players. The other criteria is that his average rating should be 1000 or more. His present average after playing against 7 FIDE-rated players in classical games over 3 tournaments is,1084 I.e. 12,492 / 7pax.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, 1434 HIJRAH.

On this 1st Day of Syawal 1434 Hijrah and on behalf of the Family, I would like to take the opportunity to wish those in the CHESS community, DEBATE fraternity, FINANCIAL & ISLAMIC ESTATE PLANNING circles and SPORTS supporters:-



Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Event INFO


UPDATE 3@14/8
hAnA, Bronze Medal - Girls U-12. Overall 23rd out of 71 players. FINAL STANDINGS
The cHEss pIRATE, 17th out of 83 players. FINAL STANDINGS

UPDATE 2@13/8
hAnA got the Bronze Medal for the Girls U-12 category. In terms of points she ended the event joint 2nd with the Silver Medalist but lose out on 1st BH Tie-Break.
( Read HERE )

The cHEss pIRATE finished 17th...a 1point enhancement and 6 places improvement from 2012 3rd SWENSEN (Read HERE ). In terms of points, he finished on 4points - Joint 9th-26th with 17 other players and was placed in order of the 1st Tie-Break I.e.BH. Perhaps, in the coming years, the organisers could add a 7th round to further 'refine' the players' positions.
( Read HERE )

UPDATE 1@12/8
The initial players' list have been pasted on the Notice Boards outside the Ballroom.
There are more than 60 participants for both the U-8 and U-12 events where the cHEss pIRATE and hAnA are seeded 4th and 8th respectively.


A few days back, I'd registered hAnA & the cHEss pIRATE for the 4th SWENSEN's OPEN 2013.
Compared to last year where only Faiz participated as hAnA wanted to make her rounds collecting 'Duit Raya' (Read HERE & HERE2 ), both hAnA and the cHEss pIRATE will be taking part. The event would also serve as part of a series of "warm-up" events leading to the 9th Asian Schools Chess Championship which the kids would participate in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 30th August till 6th September.

Am hopeful that that CP will improve from last year's 3 points (from 6 games) & 23rd finish from 46 players ( 3rd Swensen's 2012 RESULTS ).

60 - Entrance Fees @2 Pax
50 - Food @ Crazy Potato & Wendy's
24 - Petrol@10 / Toll@8 / Parking@6

1 Bronze Medal @ U-12 Girls Event
40 Swensen's Voucher Redeemable by 31/12/2013 (for 2 pax)

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Event INFO
Initial Stories, HERE & HERE2

MCF had issued the official Offer Letters dated 5 Aug.2013 for hAnA and the CP to represent Malaysia in the 9th Asian Schools.
hAnA's Co-Curricular teacher have been informed (via sms and e-mail) and plane tickets booked via Triways Travel-TTDI before the Raya hols.

In the short time-frame given managed to churn out the following prep.programme for the kids:-

(1) AUG.10-16 - Classical, 8th AM BANK CHESS CHALLENGE (FIDE-rated)

Overall Prep. (incl.Coaching & Classes)
(1) Coaching,
(2) Classes,
(3) BREAK - Festivities
(7) 13/8: COMPETITION - Rapid @ 4th SWENSEN's AGE GROUP
(13)19/8 COACHING
(14)20/8 COACHING
(15)21/8 COACHING
(16)22/8 COACHING
(17)23/8 COACHING
(19)25/8: CLASSES
(20)26/8: COACHING
(21)27/8: COACHING
(22)28/8: TBC
(23)29/8: TBC
(24)30/8: Flight to Colombo

Hopefully, the rough prep.programme outlined above can at least give the kids if not a fighting chance to do the very least, to not embarass the nation!

Friday, 2 August 2013


9th Asian Schools 2013, Event INFO

Initial Story HERE


UPDATE 6 @21/8
1) Hotel Address for VISA confirmed & forwarded to Triways Travel TTDI

Citrus Hikkaduwa Hotel
400 Galle Road, Hikkaduwa 80240, Sri Lanka
2) Plane Fare receipt submitted.
3) Clarification re Payments rcvd from MCF

UPDATE 5 @19/8
1)SKTTDI 1 reopens after Eid Holidays. Met-up with Cikgu Zita (Teacher I/C of Co-Curricular) to discuss way forward for hAnA.
Initial discussions sounds promising. Cikgu Zita will be responsible for academic matters and at the same time highlight the matter to the school's authorities and also the PTA.

2)Also spoke to KAFA's Ust.Hanif to discuss the plan of action for hAnA's UPKK exams in September - October.

UPDATE 4 @14/8
Payment made to MCF. Combo of RM, USD & EURO.
Interesting conversation with MCF Official vis-a-vis the CP during Payment handing over.

UPDATE 3 @11/8
ANXIOUS MOMENTS - Was alerted of Riots and a Curfew being imposed in one of the District in Colombo.

UPDATE 2 @7/8
Plane Tickets Booked at Triways Travel.

UPDATE 1 @6/8
Emailed to MCF:-
1) Personal Particulars Forms;
2) Passport Details; &
3) Photographs

The cHEss pIRATE and hAnA will be taking part in their FIRST overseas competition to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. If the trip materialises, the event will be good exposure for them to compete in a 'BIG Pond' environment having only competed in the 'small pond' of Malaysia for the past 2-3years.

hAnA is slated to take part in the U-11 Girls event whilst the cHEss pIRATE will take on all-comers in the U-7 Open event. It will be interesting to see how both of them respond to the challenge of competing at Asian-level vis-a-vis eldest bragging rights of having won a Debate competition at ASEAN-level in Chiangmai, Thailand last year (Read HERE).

Due to 'short notice' ( least in my opinion) and the festivities, am trying or rather struggling to come up with a "plan of attack" i.e.  to have a semblance of a prep outline for the kids prior to the start of 9th Asian Schools.

Let's see what I can come up with. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure - the car's drive shaft & bearing change will have to wait a wee bit longer!

- Registration
- Food & Accommodation
4k++ - Plane Fare
- Misc.

1. Competitions (A-270@8th AM Bank / B-60@4th Swensen Rapid / C-10@Battle Chess)
2. Class
3. Misc.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

8th AM Bank Chess Challenge 2013, An UnPlanned Registration!

Event INFO

Update 1@10/08:
Pairings HERE


Tonight after terawih prayers, I made a cheque deposit of RM270 into a bank account, being entry fees for the 2 kids(after 10% discount) for the above-mentioned event.

Actually, I'd never intended to register the kids for this event mainly due to 2 reasons:-
(1) Raya Festivities - the event starts on Saturday i.e. the 3rd Day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
(2) Classical Play are not exactly their forte coz they tend to "lose ground" in FIDE-rated events as their opponents are normally seasoned players.

However, certain matters conspire to "force my hand" to register them because today is the last day for registration prior to a penalty being imposed for late registration as well as the fact that they'll badly need the playing time in classical games if a certain engagement is confirmed.

Let's see how things pans out in the coming days!!!

270 - Entrance Fees @ 2pax (after 10% Discount)
- Food
12 - Toll
- Petrol / Parking

a CALL for the CP came YESTERDAY!!!

Yesterday, whilst preparing for Episode 2 of "TO THE POINT" programme shoot at Capital TV, I noticed a missed call.

When I'd returned the call, I was Informed by a MCF official that a place is available for the CP's participation as an 'official' player from Malaysia in the 9th ASIAN SCHOOLS Chess Championship 2013 to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 29 August to 6 September 2013. Was informed that his recent form is the reason for the call-up! ( Read HERE ).

I informed the MCF rep. that I'll need a day to discuss with the Islamic Estate Planner as to whether arrangements can be made before reverting back with a decision.

Hopefully, matters can fall into place as per request / planned.

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